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Improve Academic Achievement

These ideas can improve academic achievement through the exercise of the character trait availability. 1.    Exercise AVAILABILITY to do more than the minimum. Late September, and the class just got an assignment to interview a town veteran and retell that person’s experience. Jonathan decides to do more than the […]

Free Character Education Lesson Plan on Basic Character

– – – Mini Lesson Plan – – – INTRODUCTION Begin your lesson on basic character by asking what the word “character” means. List ideas on a chalkboard as students contribute them. READ THE BOOK •    For very young children, the teacher will read aloud from the book, […]

Book-Centric Character Education

The September 2006 edition of Reader’s Digest magazine carries an article entitled “How to Raise an A+ Student”. Exciting idea, isn’t it? Wouldn’t YOU like to know how to raise an A+ student? If you are in another nation where letter grades are not used, let me ask this way: […]

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