About Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth L. Hamilton, career principal / teacher searched for educational materials that taught strong moral absolutes in age-appropriate ways. Appalled at the dearth of such, she decided to dedicate her own writing skills to meet the need. She had already become a published author in 1982 with Remember Pearl Harbor. In 2001, she left teaching to build a library of fictional and non-fictional books, each one purpose-written for character building. Her husband, David, invested his web design expertise to provide an outlet for supplementary articles on character.

Teachers loved Elizabeth’s first books, and wanted lesson plans. The author applied her teaching experience and skills to add fully developed, professional lesson plans for each book. Crafts and activities followed, as well as trading cards for younger children.

“Elizabeth L. Hamilton, author” became “Elizabeth L. Hamilton, best-selling author” with publication of Date with Responsibility in 2005. Amazon.com awarded this full-length teen novel the title of #1 Bestselling Teen Romance Novel. The novel called strongly for teens to build character, specifically responsibility, which the heroine sorely needed.

Elizabeth grew up in rural U.S., but career choices have taken her and her husband to big cities and far-flung places. At last count, they had lived and worked together in Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, and thirteen (13) other U.S. states. Each location has contributed to her wealth of knowledge and understanding of people. Each has given new ways to express her thoughts.

Hours of arduous, but keenly enjoyed work have produced more than 25 published books as of this writing. In addition, Elizabeth has written knowledgeably on specific topics for 16 independent websites. Ezinearticles.com has published 200 of her articles, awarding her the title EzineArticles Platinum Expert Author.

Elizabeth continues to write, and accepts suggestions for materials that will fit unfilled needs of those who are trying to build character. This sometimes results in adding another program that is not linked directly to her published books. Examples: The “Character-Trait-of-the-Month” and “Prevent Bullying” programs.

Although retired from the education profession, Elizabeth maintains an active work life as she endeavors to provide new materials for those who are building character in others as well as those who are developing personal character.

Elizabeth L Hamilton publishes under a nom de plume as well – Anna Hart.

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