Bulletin Boards with Curb Appeal

Bulletin boards are like houses – they need curb appeal.

Curb appeal is a home’s attractiveness on the outside. It’s what potential buyers see from the curb. If a home’s curb appeal makes a good first impression, buyers will be eager to see what’s inside.

The two photos below show the same house. Does the addition of “curb appeal” change the first impression? Are you more likely to be excited about the inside of the first or the second home?


A drab, uninviting house turns people away. Boost its curb appeal, and it invited people to see what’s inside. It makes them eager to get more detail.

Bulletin boards are like houses – they need curb appeal. Do your bulletin boards have it? If you have a finished bulletin board on the wall right now, look at it. Does it have curb appeal? Does it make a good first impression? Does it smile at students and make them eager to look at everything on it, or does it yawn and make them continue on their way?

Make your bulletin boards sell knowledge and ideas with curb appeal. Try this.

  • Sketch Your Work

Bulletin boards must be planned if we want them to succeed. It takes a little more time, but it is time well invested. On a sheet of paper, sketch the approximate measurement of your bulletin board. For example, 4’ wide X 3’ high. This will help you space bulletin board elements.

  • Commit to a Theme

Decide on one over-arching idea. For example, “Hatching Character”. The theme is one of eggs hatching. What will they hatch? What might students hatch in the way of character traits? How can you make that exciting?

  • Choose a Background

Just as you paint a house, give you bulletin board a background color. It might be a mural, or it might be a single color paper. Make sure it will not stand out too much. Like the blue paint on the house above, this should give a fresh look without grabbing all the attention.

  • Prepare Great Features

The red door above is a great feature. It pops! It invites. Prepare three or four pictures that pop with interest. Place them carefully – like the red door, flag, and flower pots above.

  • Frame the Picture

First impressions take the form of a snapshot in a frame. Standing at the curb, you look and get one quick picture. No visible border surrounds the house above, but landscaping frames the picture. Give your bulletin board a frame. You can do this quickly with ready-made border strips or twisted crepe paper. If you are more creative, you might use butcher rope and braids. Don’t get carrier away. Too much “landscaping” hides the curb appeal you want.

  • Finish with a Mailbox

A mailbox? Absolutely! Craft a mailbox from a shoebox and a curved top of cardstock. Cut a slit in the top for “mail delivery”. Attach it to a corner of the bulletin board. Add a note inviting students to leave questions or comments about the board. If your board asks a question, encourage them to put their answers in the mailbox.

Bulletin boards with curb appeal not only invite students to take in knowledge and ideas, but they also give your classroom a great finished look.

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