Free Bulletin Board Elements

Make your bulletin boards exciting! Give them flair and curb appeal and they’ll shout for attention! 6 hints for using these PDF files: Download desired file by clicking it. Print full-board photo as is for an “instant” smaller bulletin board. Enlarge and print full-board photo for an “instant” larger bulletin board. Print individual elements to duplicate photos on a big bulletin board. Print, mix and match individual elements for truly creative bulletin boards. Let these files spark your own new ideas for bulletin boards. Character Rocks Poster – Title: “Are YOUR Character Traits Rock Solid?” Character Wall Poster – Title: “How Strong is YOUR Character Wall?” Character Frames – (useful element for any bulletin board) Character Hatching – Title: “What Are YOU Hatching?”  

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Bulletin Boards with Curb Appeal

Bulletin boards are like houses – they need curb appeal. Curb appeal is a home’s attractiveness on the outside. It’s what potential buyers see from the curb. If a home’s curb appeal makes a good first impression, buyers will be eager to see what’s inside. The two photos below show […]

Bulletin Boards with Flair

A bulletin board can act as a powerful teaching tool, or it can merely sit there as a pathetic contrivance. You might welcome the challenge of designing a bulletin board, and always create exciting boards that students love. Then again, you might dread the task, and procrastinate until you simply […]

Character Education Bulletin Boards Enrich Lesson Plans

Character education bulletin boards can enrich your character education lesson plans from day one by creating curiosity, anticipation, and suspense. You can build character education bulletin boards entirely, of course, but if you build them gradually over the whole time you are working on a unit, character education bulletin boards […]

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