Responsibility Video – Character Companions Video #2

You know from the first video in this series how much children love the Character Circus animations. Younger children eagerly accept information from Eddie and Whiffenpoof. Older children let down their defenses when the clown and his sidekick rabbit present character traits. This compelling video makes an impact on them all with its introduction of responsibility. You can use this video to launch a unit or a series of lessons on responsibility. You can inspire children with it – making them desire responsibility in their own lives. Inspire discussion, but be sure that discussion flows into assigned practical application of the character trait. Click on RESPONSIBILITY VIDEO link above to preview video.

Respect Video – Character Companions Video #1

Children of all ages love cartoons. Children of all ages love clowns, too. This powerful, entertaining video gives them both as it introduces the important character trait of respect. Children eagerly drink in the information as they laugh at the antics of Whiffenpoof. Launch a unit or a series of lessons with the video. Motivate children with it. Use it as a springboard for discussion, but never stop there. Assign practical applications of the subject, and follow through to be sure children are exercising the trait. Click on RESPECT VIDEO link above to preview video.

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