The Origin of New Year’s Resolutions and the Secret to Keeping Yours!

Fireworks explode around the world, people shout “Happy New Year” – and many make New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you made resolutions this year, but let me ask you this: “What is the origin of New Year’s resolutions, and is there a secret to keeping yours this year?” The origin of […]

The Importance of Homework … How a Teenager Learns Responsibility through Homework (Part 02)

The importance of homework should not be understated. Students who receive more homework, and do it, experience greater academic success. Why? ~ Homework Supplies Vital Review: Review is a key ingredient of homework. Studies have shown repeatedly that review is essential for remembering material. Memory of material learned through lectures […]

The Importance of Homework … How a Teenager Learns Responsibility through Homework (Part 01)

The importance of homework jumps to the fore each new school year, especially for those who parent or teach teenagers. “Are you gonna make us do a lot of homework?” a teenager asks each teacher. “How much homework will my student have?” parents ask teachers. As U.S. schools began the […]

Teen Charity Work – Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers

Teen charity work – volunteer opportunities for teenagers — can provide weeks of valuable character building. Summer months open up hours of free time and give teenagers a big choice. On the one hand, they may waste many of those hours in trivial activities such as mall-walking, video games, and […]

Teen Best-seller Helps You Teach Responsibility

Date with Responsibility was awarded two honors by #1 Best-selling Teen Romance Novel Top 100 Overall Best-seller Teenagers love this book, and can’t put it down, even though it gives them strong responsibility training. The key character is a teen girl – seventeen (17) years old – who is […]

Teaching Responsibility to Children 9 thru 11

An English idiom advises “Nip it in the bud.” That is, deal with a problem while it is still small and has not grown into something serious. Nip irresponsibility in the bud by working to build responsibility in children who are not yet teens. Children do not learn all they […]

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