Equitableness for Young Children

Children as young as preschool ages can learn the meaning of this trait. They can learn to say the word, too. In fact, young children delight in learning to accurately repeat words that are almost too big for them. Introduce your lesson by teaching children to say equitableness. Break […]

Teaching Responsibility to Children 3 thru 8

Children who can walk and talk are children who need to begin learning responsibility – children to whom YOU need to teach responsibility. Picture this. Small children are given a play area and toys with which to play. They play nicely, and when they have finished, they pick up every […]

Character Education That’s Fun for 3-to-8-Year-Olds!

Character education can be fun for young children – and effective – when character education lesson plans and character education activities contain three secret ingredients! Before we discover those ingredients, though, I want to ask you something. Do you know that many parents and teachers don’t believe character education can […]

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