How to Properly Plan a Vacation for the Children – Part 2

You began learning how to properly plan a vacation for the children in your family in Part 1 of this article. Applying your traits of diligence, thoroughness, and creativity, you clarified who would be going on this vacation. You considered the individual needs and interests of each person going. You […]

What Music Says about Your Character

Most of us know that our words speak volumes about us. Rough, foul language uncovers inner weakness of character. Quiet, controlled, clean language reveals inner strength of character. In whatever language we speak, our words tell listeners what kind of people we are. They make known our strength of […]

Character Building for the Whole Family!

Character building – what is it? Will your family accept it? You’ve seen the TV commercials. “Talk to your kids,” they urge. They show boys going for a walk with Dad to discuss character traits; girls sitting down with Mom for a family values chat. Would your children and teens […]

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