Teachers – What You Can Do about Problem Students – Part 1

Monday morning, and hallway noise threatens to blow out your smart phone’s volume meter app. You glance at the clock. Precisely four and a half minutes until that classroom door swings open and that noise surges into the room, sucking you into its agitated vortex. The mere thought of that […]

How to Quiet Students with Classical Music — an eye-witness account

Learning how to quiet students with classical music can revolutionize your school! It can revolutionize you as well, whether you are a principal, teacher, staff member, or assistant. Don’t believe it? The principal of Wilson Middle School did not believe it either. His students ranged in age from 11 to […]

Teaching Tips – 10 Things Teachers Do to Be Successful

Ten things teachers do to be successful often remain hidden to both teacher and observer. They do not impress onlookers in the classroom, and teachers do not intend to impress with them. Actually, those teachers who perform these 10 things seldom think of them as “10 things teachers do to […]

Teaching Tips – 5 Mistakes Every New Teacher Makes – Part 5

We are examining, in this series, five mistakes every new teacher makes. We have looked at four of those five mistakes. Now we take up the final one. Mistake #5 – Wrong Assumptions about Convictions New teachers often carry into their first position bundles of wrong assumptions. Within those bundles […]

Teaching Tips – 5 Mistakes Every New Teacher Makes – Part 4

As we continue looking at the five mistakes every new teacher makes, it is important to bear in mind that vital teaching rule: never assume anything. The rule applies to many areas of life, but is especially crucial when our assumptions affect other people. Assumptions made about students and their […]

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