Teaching Tips – 5 Mistakes Every New Teacher Makes – Part 2

New teachers, of whom I was one more than thirty years ago, enter their chosen profession with big dreams – and trepidations. Some make one mistake after another. Some spread out their mistakes over the first school year. Certain mistakes vary from teacher to teacher, but there are five mistakes […]

Teaching Tips – 5 Mistakes Every New Teacher Makes – Part 1

Every new teacher I ever met came with a dream. True, some dreamed only of a job that would pay well and give them a three-month summer vacation. They should never have received a teaching certificate. The ones that had more staying power came with a dream of making a […]

Redeeming the First Minute

You teach the way you teach…. You always start the school year that way…. You see no point in buying back a mere minute…. Ah, but first impressions are lasting! What if a couple of secrets injected into the first minute could make a tremendous difference in the entire school […]

Character for Schools: Are We There Yet?

Long, long ago, in a kingdom called Earth, a group of mighty princes gathered to decide how they could improve life in the kingdom. One proffered one idea, a second another, etc. They discussed each, noting its merits, but laid them all aside. They wanted something bigger – better. “I’ve […]

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