Character for Schools: Are We There Yet?

Long, long ago, in a kingdom called Earth, a group of mighty princes gathered to decide how they could improve life in the kingdom. One proffered one idea, a second another, etc. They discussed each, noting its merits, but laid them all aside. They wanted something bigger – better. “I’ve […]

What Would Make YOURS an Ideal School?

We relocated recently to Hoodsport, Washington. Hoodsport is a beautiful spot, but if you were moving a family here, some things might be more important to you than Hoodsport’s beauty. You would probably ask: “Are the schools good?” What would you mean by “good”? What do you think makes an […]

Character Counts, but Does Character Education?

Schools in the United States and other developed countries have been teaching character for some years now. At least they say they have. Teachers have learned to tell students that character counts. They are right. Character counts. The question is, does character education count? Character counts, but does character education […]

Character Education Secrets for Teachers!

Teachers, stop wishing your character education lesson plans were powerfully effective, and actually make them powerfully effective! Character education entered your curriculum without YOUR vote! Right? YOU consider character education a boring add-on to the curriculum! Don’t worry. Many teachers view character education as just one more new task. Character […]

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