Meet Our Character Education Program!

A teacher sent us a request recently. “I am,” she wrote, “doing research to find the best character education program. Would you please answer the following questions and/or send information/literature about your program?” She went on to outline specific information that she wanted. Such a detailed request could not […]

What Character Ed Teachers Can Get FREE!

Yes, we’re growing. Our new site looks totally different from our old site. It has new features that we never had before, and we are adding more new features as rapidly as we can. One feature you already noticed if you are a character education teacher is that we provide […]

Demand the Best Character Education!

The best character education program requires not the biggest, most popular program, but effective application of absolute values for absolute results. Those who are serious about character building know instinctively that such things as size and popularity are neither requirements nor quality indicators – yet some programs act as though […]

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