Character Building in Business is Vital to Success

//Character Building in Business is Vital to Success

Character Building in Business is Vital to Success

Character building in business is vital to success, no matter what enterprise it is. That is a general rule of our universe, but a rule that the business world often neglects or shuns. Many otherwise well informed business people choose to believe that character does not matter. Character building in business is an unnecessary waste of time to them. It detracts from the bottom line.

What they fail to recognize is that men and women who give a vital place to character building in business prosper more often than those who reject it. They may not prosper financially to the extent that unscrupulous business people do, but we never measure prosperity solely by the amount of money one accumulates.

Prosperity involves far more than wealth. Prosperity fails us if it does not also produce health, happiness, and safety – a state of well-being.

Character building in business injects the essential restraints and rewards that produce true prosperity.

Consider just one trait essential to company success:


Diligence makes or breaks a company. Examine any type of enterprise, and you will have to admit that diligence is indispensable.

A lazy farmer cannot expect a great harvest anymore than a slothful miner can expect to find gold. An idle publisher cannot expect top book sales anymore than a lazy pianist can expect to reach the concert stage. An indolent attorney cannot expect to sustain a successful practice anymore than a shiftless executive assistant can expect to become CEO. Anyone who wants to prosper in business must build and exercise diligence.

Employers, employees, competitors, customers – everyone knows that men and women of character exercise diligence in their work, but how often we forget that!

Who are the most useful employees in your corporation? Are they always the workers with the highest degrees or the highest pay? No. Who are the best supervisors in your organization? Are they the bosses who push employees mercilessly to increase profits? No.

People who have the fire of passion and purpose in their work, who take time to understand a task, and then sacrificially apply unremitting attention to accomplish that task, even when no one is observing, are the greatest workers.

Character building in business produces such people.

Character building in business results in men and women who look at roadblocks and say, “There has to be a way. I am determined to find that way and help this company succeed.” If their contracts call for eight hours of work, men and women of character give a full eight hours of focused work – and possibly more. If their contracts give only thirty minutes for lunch, they take only thirty minutes.

Character building in business produces employees who do not show up for work simply to get paychecks. These employees do not hold jobs simply because they must. These employees do not even view their jobs as steps up a career ladder. They work – and work well – because their high moral values demand it of them.

Building character takes time, but it is worth every minute an organization invests in it.

Character building in business is, in fact, vital to the success of any enterprise.


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