Character in Business Dealings

//Character in Business Dealings

Character in Business Dealings

Character in business dealings – ah, yes. That was back in the good old days when a person’s handshake was a binding contract, right? You have probably heard stories about the time when honesty and fairness marked most business dealings. Today, character in business is often lacking, and many people take that for granted. The owner of the enterprise cares little about character building, and customers may care even less.

Character in business dealings is still valued by many, however.

An e-marketer’s web site that I was browsing promises viewers that on one of his online broadcasts:

We’re going to discuss how character is an important component for your Internet Marketing platform and why you should fervently operate from an ethical position.

Character in business dealings is important, but how is it important? Why is it vital to infuse your company’s dealings with as many character traits as possible?

Speaking from the perspective of the business owner, character will generate good will in customers. Good will generates more business, and more business generates more income. That may seem to be a selfish reason. You may think a consideration of character should be totally altruistic. There should be no consideration of whether character in business dealings will improve profits for the owner.

Character in business dealings is about customers – true. Customers want you to treat them with honesty, fairness, responsibility, respect, etc. Few customers want to deal with a company that lies, cheats, and is unfair. They want companies to exercise responsibility in every aspect of business. They want you to respect them enough to offer a good product or service at a fair price.

From the viewpoint of a wise businessperson, therefore, the getting and keeping of customers is a very big reason that character is important. Happy, satisfied customers are necessary to the life and health of a business.

There is another point that does not involve customers, however. Character in business dealings is important as those proceedings involve suppliers and service people. Again, the infusion of such character traits as honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect does much to bring success to such matters.

The key may be in this quote:

“I am not responsible for how others treat me, how others treat others, or how others treat themselves. But I am responsible for how I treat others and how I treat myself.” (Author unknown)


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