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Character Building Products Written Expressly to Build Character

You know that story characters and story material condition our minds. The ancients of Greek and Rome knew that, too, and told stories to teach important moral values. Character stories condition minds to desire and build character. They make character building more interesting and more memorable.

Character Companions® Series

Character Companions® Series (children 3 – 8 years of age)

Character Companions® Books make character education “funeffective” – fun and effective for teachers and students. Your character building efforts become exciting, yielding big results with a small investment of time, effort, and money.

Character Companions® Books feature enchanting animal stories that give you a NEW way to teach character education. They provide a NEW way to make character education so fascinating that children are eager for character education; enthusiastic about personal character building; and quick to put character traits into action.

Picture yourself teaching the full character education program: picture charts; character education lesson plans; character education activities; crafts; and songs. All you have to do is select the character trait you want to teach, and order now!

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Character Mystery Series (for ages 9-12)

Character Mystery Series (children 9 – 12 years of age)

Character Mystery Books bring adventure to the study of character, making upper elementary age students eager to participate. Invest a small amount of time, effort, and money for incredible results.

Character Mystery Books feature 13-year-old twins Hailey and Charlie in fictitious “whodunit” stories. Readers identify with the twins’ desire for independence, and give you a NEW, far more interesting way to teach character education. Each book focuses on one character trait, and is based on historically accurate information about a location the twins visit. This NEW way to present moral values is so “heart-pounding-ly” adventurous that children keep coming back for more.

Imagine yourself using the full upper elementary character education program: character books; character education lesson plans; character education activities; crafts; history tie-ins; service activities; skits; games; and more. Order now and get your young people hooked on these mysteries with positive value.

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Character-in-Action® Series (for pre-teens and teenagers)

Character-in-Action® Series (for pre-teens and teenagers)

Character-in-Action® Books use intrigue to draw teens into character study. Each book is a full-length teen novel, replete with cliff-hanging action – and subtle presentation of a character trait – but no offensive material or language. Parents and teachers report amazing behavioral change in teenagers and pre-teens, and consider the investment money well spent. Date with Responsibility, second of this series, is a best-selling teen romance novel.

Character-in-Action® Books come in under teen radar in a way that lectures and formal discussions on character never can. They give you a NEW, much more captivating way to teach character education. Book feature character traits woven into plots with historically and culturally accurate settings. Readers learn detailed information about places such as Hawaii and New Zealand. Teens themselves report that the books are of the “can’t-put-it-down” variety.

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Character Builder Series

Character Builder Series (for mature teens and adults)

Character Builder Books offer practical, how-to information on building character. Mature teenagers as well as adults will better understand the character traits presented, and will use the step-by-step instructions to build character in their own lives. A small investment gives you a huge return.

Character Builder Books start the discussion with full-bodied definitions. They than break apart each definition and examine it for more complete understanding. Finally, goals are set and step-by-step, practical how-to instructions help readers build the trait into their lives.

Teachers using these books in a formal setting can avail themselves of the character education program, complete with character books; character education lesson plans; and community service activities. Order now and give your character building a big boost.

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Character-in-Action Preferred Memberships

Character-in-Action® Preferred Membership Programs

You get great benefits when you join one of our Character-in-Action® Preferred Membership Programs. A wealth of ready-to-use materials is yours to download and print immediately. It’s easy! It’s fast! You save money and time! Simply click on the tabs below and compare our five (5) membership levels. Then choose the one that fits you best, and get started today.

Your Character-Trait-of-the-Month Membership Program allows you to access a full 96 different, captivating lessons covering 24 character traits! Use each ready-to-teach lesson as is, or cater it quickly to a specific age group from preschool through middle school. You can teach one character trait each month for two full years without repeating a single lesson. Of course, most students aren’t in class more than nine or ten months each year. By the time you need to repeat, students will have forgotten the exciting stories, the full-color pictures, the assignments, and the activities. YOU will be remembered, though, as the teacher who makes Character Education an exciting class every week.
Christian Character-Trait-of-the-Month Membership Program gives you access to 96 attention-holding lessons with Bible stories and Christian applications. You cover four facets each of 24 specific character traits from a Biblical standpoint. Lessons are ready to use “as is”, but may also be catered to your specific age group. Membership provides everything you need to teach one character trait monthly for two full years without repetition. When you start again, the exciting stories, full-color pictures, assignments, and activities will appeal to students at a new stage of life, and YOU’LL be remembered as the teacher who makes Character Education exciting!
You will have the tools, with our extraordinary Prevent Bullying Program Membership Program, to prevent, reduce, and even eradicate bullying! Each time you present one of these motivating, out-of-the-ordinary lessons to young people, you seize an ugly block from the bullies’ fortress wall and fill the breach with a solid block of character. Using downloadable, ready-to-use lessons that are proactive rather than reactive, you conquer the fortress and destroy bullying! Whatever age group you teach, in a public school, in a private school, in the community, or at home, this membership can help you instill strong character traits that kill bullying at its roots.
You get something in our Basic Level Membership Program that you can’t buy anywhere else. Along with amusing videos, great lesson plans, activities, service activities, hundreds of articles, and much more, you get a CHARACTER BUILDERS’ eCOURSE! For six (6) months, a weekly lesson on character building will be delivered to your e-mail in box at no extra cost. This eCourse gives you an abundance of background material on individual character traits. You will find that you better understand the traits you teach. You will strengthen your own character, too. As your students see your character growing, what will they do? Many will follow your example.
You will be “THE BEST” teacher or parent with our highly popular Character Companions® Membership Program. Children in the 3-to-8-year-old age group simply adore the thirteen (13) exciting books, the songs, the full-color picture charts, the crafts, the activities, and – well, everything you get here! This is an elementary teacher’s “go-to” membership for a complete, downloadable Character Education program. A downloadable teacher’s manual accompanies each downloadable-and-printable 32-page book. You get a fully annotated text, song sheets, seat work, assignments, and even tests. Oh, and you can download the songs in MP3 format so your youngsters can sing along!
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