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“Character” — is worth the effort. This complete how-to book gives you clear definitions, illustrations, and practical activities that can help improve your career, finances, marriage, academic performance, family and friendships!

Did you know that character can: produce healthier relations with your employer; make your children happier and sweeter to be around; help protect you from crime; raise your child’s academic grades; enhance or even heal your marriage?

Mature readers profit from thorough definitions and real-life examples, plus age appropriate projects. Teachers benefit further from activities for teaching character education in the schools — with free lesson plans available. Parents enhance family life with character building activities for teens and children. Everyone needs character!

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  • Character Builder Series books fit into the how-to genre.
  • Mature teens and adults learn the meaning and import of building high moral values.
  • This 64-page book focuses attention on just one character trait – Character.
  • Readers get tools with which to build character traits in their own lives.
  • Groups and families profit as do individuals from the study of these guide books.

Available Products

“Character” downloadable eBook


This complete how-to book gives definitions and character building activities you need to revolutionize your life. Please note that this is an eBook in PDF format. That means that you can download it immediately and view the content on your computer or print as a complete book.


“Character” downloadable Lesson Plans


Lesson plan by professional educator includes study guides that follow the book, bringing out the definition of character as well as practical how-to points for application to daily life. Regular assignments and a written test assess understanding, while classroom activities reinforce the lesson on character.


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Character Builder Series

Character “how-to” books for mature teenagers and adults to learn the meaning and import of building high moral values in life.

Basic Level Membership Program

Extensive library of articles, course material, service activities, object lessons, etc. to help you build personal character as well as teach teens and adults.”

Basic Level Membership Program

Basic Level Membership Program

  • 6-month Character Builders’ eCourse delivers 26 character building lessons to your e-mail inbox.
  • 500 plus articles help you build personal character and teach others.
  • All material is easily accessible and downloadable for personal or group.
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