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Character Companions Complete Set

Character Companions® Series (children 3 – 8 years of age)

Character books, exciting character books, are the very best way to teach moral values. Everyone, no matter what age, learns from characters in stories. Learning comes automatically, even when we have no intention of learning.

Character Companions® Series Books, perfect for ages three through eight, let enchanting small animals teach children character. You won’t need to search out the character traits, since each book is written specifically for the purpose of teaching character. Each specific character trait stands right there on the surface. Each specific trait gives its name in the title.

Written by a best-selling author, these books set a feast for children’s senses. Your children hear sounds in the book. They see colors. They watch actions. They touch textures. They smell things and taste things. Images help visual learners. Words and songs make learning easier for auditory learners. Actions boost understanding for kinesthetic learners.


What a gift – and you save money on the complete 13-book set of downloadable Character Companions® books by purchasing now! Click here for a complete description of all 13 books.  You get more than 25% off our regular retail price. Instead of paying over $100, you get the entire set for only $77.00! Just ADD TO CART using the button below, and gain immediate access to all 13 of these very special books for your children. Don’t delay! Read them to children before bed – or give them as a wonderful gift that keeps on giving as your children learn character. If you teach young children, save money during this offer by getting all 13 books at discount. Purchase now, while you’re thinking about it.

PLUS LIMITED TIME BONUS: Free colorful trading cards with definition.

Sheet of 9 trading cards included for each of the 13 character titles. Character trait and “character companion” animal on colorful front, definition on back of this 2½” x 3½” card . Print as needed. This is an added value of $64.35 when you purchase all 13 eBooks at the same time through the ADD TO CART button below. Do it now while you remember!

Character Companions® Image Carousel

To view the image carousel above, click on the previous/next arrows to see all 13 books. Then click on the individual images for an enlarged view of each book.

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