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Katie Kangaroo

Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage

Children love kangaroos, with little joeys bouncing inside their pockets, and they quickly identify with both tiny Katie and her fear of leaving Mother.Katie Kangaroo, and children who listen intently to her story, will learn to have the courage to do what is right. It takes Katie a long time to learn, but the important part is that she finally takes a leap of courage, and young readers will, too.

This tiny kangaroo companion helps children understand true courage. Then it helps them face their fears, just as Katie did. Are they afraid to leave mother? So was Katie. Does the big world frighten them? It frightened Katie, until the day she made her big leap of courage. To be sure they understand, the Courage Song sings in their minds. 32 pages.

  • Exciting character books are the very best way to teach moral values.
  • Everyone, no matter what age, learns from characters in stories.
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Available Products

Katie Kangaroo

Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage downloadable eBook


Courage is needed by Katie Kangaroo, and clearly taught by Mother, through words and a bouncy Courage Song. Please note that this is an eBook in PDF format. That means that you can download it immediately and view the story on your computer or print as a complete book.


Katie Kangaroo

Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage downloadable Lesson Plans


Lesson plan by educator includes: for non-readers, coloring and writing practice followed by picture test based on the book; for readers, worksheets followed by written test. Large picture charts, classroom activities, crafts, teaching tools, as well as take-home reminders reinforce lesson on courage. Over 35 PDF files.


Katie Kangaroo

Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage downloadable Trading Cards


Sheet of 9 trading cards with Courage and Katie Kangaroo on colorful front, definition on back of this 2½” x 3½” card . Print as needed.


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