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Stinky Skunk

Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control

Children will hold their noses when you introduce Stinky Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control. Stinky is a great helper, though, when it comes to teaching SELF-CONTROL. How could any child refuse to listen to a smelly little skunk? Back and forth, they’ll follow her, as she goes to school, to play in the forest, to her home, and over again.

With glee, they’ll join the other animals as they chant, “Stinky, control yourself!” Then they’ll watch eagerly to see if Stinky’s tail goes up like a flag. If it does, they’ll giggle, but they will get the message, too. Stinky will help you teach your children to control themselves – and to control their anger. Along the way, she will help them learn, too, that bullying is not the way to make friends. Expect to sing the “Self-Control Song” often!

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Available Products

Stinky Skunk

Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control downloadable eBook


Self-control becomes a comical matter when Stinky Skunk sniffs out self-control in this true-life story!  Please note that this is an eBook in PDF format. That means that you can download it immediately and view the story on your computer or print as a complete book.


Stinky Skunk

Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control downloadable Lesson Plans


Lesson plan by educator includes: for non-readers, coloring and writing practice followed by picture test based on the book; for readers, worksheets followed by written test. Large picture charts, classroom activities, crafts, teaching tools, as well as take-home reminders reinforce lesson on self-control. Over 55 PDF files.


Stinky Skunk

Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control downloadable Trading Cards


Sheet of 9 trading cards with Self-Control and Stinky Skunk on colorful front, definition on back of this 2½” x 3½” card . Print as needed.


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