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Date with Responsibility

Date with Responsibility

Date with Responsibility is essential for everyone working with teens: parents, teachers, and youth workers! The role model, a seventeen-year old homecoming queen, experiences life-shattering trauma and shares it with the reader, not sermonizing, but allowing other teens to see how she developed responsibility through it all. Captivating teens, this book convinces in clear, but subtle terms that responsibility is a critical character trait.

Date with Responsibility grabs readers and plunges them into the life-and-death struggle of Valeta — a 17-year old beauty queen, who once fought nothing worse than a broken fingernail, or a zit on the end of her tiny nose. All of that changes now, as violent crime forces the cutest, most popular girl in the senior class to make a life-changing decision — and then learn responsibility the hard way.

This teen book is fiction — exciting fiction — but it draws its events and unobtrusively written lessons from the shattering experience of a real teen, with whom the author is personally acquainted.

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Available Products

Date with Responsibility

Date with Responsibility (soft-covered book)


Soft-Cover Printed BookValeta knows she should be more responsible, but gets a shock when date rape, abortion, and marriage issues come calling with a lesson in responsibility.


Date with Responsibility Downloadable Lesson Plans

Date with Responsibility downloadable Lesson Plans


Lesson plan by professional educator includes worksheets that follow the story, bringing out the history, geography, and culture of the book, as well as vocabulary enrichment and definition of responsibility. Written test assesses understanding. Classroom activities reinforce the lesson on responsibility.


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