Character quotes … come to us from many ages, many countries, and many people. Some character quotes originated with religious men and women. Others came from statesmen, authors, or even football coaches. We have gathered here some of the more interesting character quotes. The inclusion of any one quote does not mean that we agree with it. Not every quote is flawless, but each can cause you to think.

Character QuotesAdaptability

…begins by learning for whom I should be willing to make changes, and then acts to fit myself, my priorities, and my deeds with those of that person or persons.

Character QuotesAppreciation

…begins by discovering how to observe and recognize others’ good work or good effort, and then acts to mention such work or effort, compliment, and express sincere thanks.

Character QuotesBasic Character

…begins by accepting the existence of moral absolutes, and then acts consciously and consistently to develop inner resolve that permeates my inner fiber, causing me to harness the energy of those absolutes to every word and deed in my daily life.

Character QuotesCommitment

…begins by gaining ample understanding of a specific pursuit or belief, and then acts to obligate or emotionally compel myself to begin and continue in that pursuit or belief.

Character QuotesCompassion

…begins by observing the suffering of others, identifies with that suffering as if it were my own, and then acts to alleviate the cause of the suffering and restore emotional balance.

Character QuotesCourage

…begins by determining what convictions of right and wrong I should hold with no likelihood of change, and then acts to shun fear of others, standing up strongly for those convictions.

Character QuotesDecisiveness

…begins by recognizing and understanding all of the choices involved in a situation, and then acts firmly to choose only one of them, resolutely remaining with that choice.

Character QuotesDiligence

…begins by determining and fully understanding the task before me, and then acts to apply myself to the task with unremitting attention until I have completed it as well as I am able.

Character QuotesDiscretion

…begins by reaching a well-researched decision regarding what is appropriate and what is inappropriate in a given situation, and then acts to choose only the appropriate words and actions.

Character QuotesGratitude

…begins by recognizing every benefit I have received, and then acts to appreciate consciously those benefits and express thankfulness for them in words followed by deeds of appreciation.

Character QuotesHonesty

…begins by giving thoughtful attention to understanding what reality is in the situation, and then acts to avoid any slightest attempt in word or deed to deceive others about the reality for even a moment.

Character QuotesIntegrity

…begins by understanding the need for consistent oneness in every area of life: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional; and then acts to ensure that such unbroken completeness is always true of me.

Character QuotesKindness

…begins by observing and recognizing the needs of others, and then acts to meet whatever needs it is able to meet, with no strings attached and no expectation of any kind of return.

Character QuotesLove

…begins by seeking to understand as completely as possible the person who is the object of my love, and then acts to do what is in the best interests of that individual, even when my actions may appear unkind.

Character QuotesLoyalty

…begins by understanding to whom and to what I owe my allegiance or faithfulness, and then acts to remain faithful and true, firm in all of my affections and promises.

Character QuotesPatience

…begins by feeling the pain of suffering, the emotional upheaval of adversity or anger, and then acts to take charge of those feelings and keep myself under control.

Character QuotesPeace

…begins by recognizing the people and things with which I disagree, and then acts to refuse their control over my attitude, consciously choosing to remain quiet and undisturbed.

Character QuotesPunctuality

…begins by understanding every deadline I may have for appointments, tasks, etc., and then acts to order life in a manner that allows me to meet those deadlines. (promptness)

Character QuotesPurpose

…begins by deciding what clear goal or target I want to achieve, and then acts resolutely and consistently without quitting until the desired end is attained.

Character QuotesRespect

…begins by understanding whom I should value or consider worthy of high regard, and then acts to show in word, deed, and dress that I do appreciate and highly esteem those individuals.

Character QuotesResponsbility

…begins by determining what task or duty is mine, gaining knowledge of what is involved in its completion, and then acts to complete that task or duty to the best of my ability.

Character QuotesSelf-Control

…begins by learning to recognize my impulses, emotions, desires, or “itches” that need restraint, and then acts to take power over self, reining them in consistently without being reminded.

Character QuotesTolerance

…begins by recognizing ways in which another is different from me, and then acts to bear with that individual while avoiding acceptance and appreciation of differences that are contrary to my convictions.