Christian Character Traits – a Source of Blessing

//Christian Character Traits – a Source of Blessing

Christian Character Traits – a Source of Blessing

Christian character traits are a source of great blessing to those who build and exercise them consistently. Such traits make our lives more peaceful, and that itself brings us deep happiness. There is more, however, to the happiness produced by Christian character traits.

Think about it with me for a few minutes.


Christian character traits are the high standards of right and wrong that God laid out as absolutes in His Word. Jesus exercised them perfectly. True Christians work hard to follow that example.

A list of Christian character traits is not limited to a few basic qualities on which everyone can agree – six words on which there is broad consensus. To the contrary. Christians are characterized by more than 60 character traits given by God.

Christian character traits are not relative either. They are absolutes. That means they don’t change from one situation to the next. We can depend on them to always mean the same thing.


We get wonderful blessings from exercising Christian character traits. That is, these actions give us great happiness. Think of the benefits of respect. List the benefits of respect your family would enjoy if you all exercised it. List the benefits of responsibility; the benefits of diligence; the benefits of creativity; the benefits of punctuality; the benefits of honesty. Every one of the Christian character traits offers benefits.

The seven Christian character traits listed below are a source of great happiness when we exercise them consistently and responsibly.

  1. Christian love: Solid marriages result when we work hard to do always and only what is best for the one we love.
  2. Christian joy: Improved health comes when we determine to choose God-centered gladness and a merry heart.
  3. Christian peace: Stress is reduced when we exercise the peace that rests on God and passes normal understanding.
  4. Christian patience: Tempers are extinguished when we consciously choose to remain calm, no matter what happens.
  5. Christian kindness: Mental health is improved by exercising this trait that takes action to meet the needs of others.
  6. Christian faithfulness: Friends and family are comfortable around us, knowing they can trust our loyalty.
  7. Christian self-control: We save money and are more physically fit when we exercise power over our desires.

Those seven Christian character traits may sound familiar to you. They are part of a list found in Galatians 5:22 and 23. God calls them the fruit of the Spirit.

Perfectly Legal

Christian character traits are perfectly legal. God tells us that at the end of Galatians 5:23: “against such things there is no law.”

There is no law against Christian character traits. You may exercise them from morning until night. You may drink in happiness from them and never get in trouble for it.

Many people seek happiness (blessing) from things that are illegal. They think drugs, alcohol, stolen money, and other illegal things will make them happy. They lust after such things. They spend hours thinking about how they can attain such things.

To use a well-known English idiom, they believe you should “knock yourself out” doing whatever it takes to be happy.

Knock Yourself Out

Imagine what would happen if you began to knock yourself out in the exercise of Christian character traits!

Imagine how happy you would be!

Picture what would happen in your family if you alone began to exercise Christian character traits on a consistent, daily basis. Happiness would multiply rapidly.

Picture what would happen in your family if you and your spouse both began to exercise Christian character traits. Blessings would increase exponentially!


Christian character traits are a secondary source of blessing, but God is the primary source. He gave the list of character traits. He made them absolutes that never change. He alone can make us able to exercise them as we should.

The greatest blessings, the greatest happiness, come from God.


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  1. Lakshmi Snaitang December 13, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    This is really true.I know there is no peace without God,because God is love and God is peace.

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