Free Character Education Lesson Plans

//Free Character Education Lesson Plans

Free Character Education Lesson Plans

We want to give you a free character education lesson plan!

Free character education lesson plans can be difficult to find. They are available, but many are written by untrained teachers who developed them for single classes.

What’s wrong with free character education lesson plans that are written that way?

Value Missing

Free character education lesson plans may have nothing wrong with them, but consider:

  • The teacher knew the students in one class – but had little experience outside of that.
  • The teacher knew those students’ needs – but not other students’ needs.
  • The teacher knew the skill level of those students – but not of other students.
  • The teacher knew his or her own teaching abilities – but not those of other teachers.
  • The teacher is likely not a trained writer – and may not convey material clearly.
  • The material may not have been effective – and will not be effective for you.

Free character education lesson plans often give an exact return on what you paid – NOTHING.

Value Added

When we offer free character education lesson plans, or any other kind of material, we add as much value as possible.

Our character education lesson plans are prepared by experienced educators.

  • All of our final materials are written by best-selling author, Elizabeth L. Hamilton.
  • Our materials are based on decades of teaching character in the classroom.
  • Our educators have taught in classrooms at every age level and in varied nations.
  • We write all materials in easy-to-understand language that everyone can use.
  • Teachers have proven our materials effective many times over.
  • Our materials are being used effectively in many countries of the world.

Free character education lesson plans are usually not made available to everyone who visits our site, although we do give them to those who subscribe to lifetime Basic Level Membership Program.

YOU get one free character education lesson plan because we want you to try it.

You get a sample of what members get by clicking on the downloadable, printable PDF below. Your sample is an exact copy of Lesson #1 in our “Quick-Prep Character Lesson Plans.”

“Quik-Prep Character Lesson Plans” save you time and effort by doing much of the work for you. They start with a one-paragraph preview, and list everything you will need to teach your class. Then they give step-by-step instructions on what to do and what to say.

You could almost teach these without thinking – but we hope you won’t.

Free character education lesson plans will be added regularly to the Basic Level Membership Program site, so you’ll want to subscribe. The one-time, low fee gives you lifetime membership, with a wealth of help for teaching character. Click here to learn more about Basic Level Membership Program.

pdficonLesson 01 – Introduction to Basic Character (All Ages)

Detailed, introductory lesson for all ages provides a visual presentation of basic character as a wall you build into your life, with individual boxes representing particular character traits. Optional assessment in the form of a game requiring participation by all shows current grasp of character.


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