Free Character Education Lesson Plans with Objects!

//Free Character Education Lesson Plans with Objects!

Free Character Education Lesson Plans with Objects!

Free character education lesson plans and, in fact, any other kind of lesson plan are not always suited to your needs. They do not always fit the environment in which you need to teach character. They do not always fit the time slot you have open for character building.

When I served as principal of a school in New Zealand, we decided to work character into the weekly, whole-school assemblies. The situation called for a character education lesson that would take only 5-10 minutes, not 30-45 minutes. It also called for something that would speak to every age at once. We were surprised at the dearth of such materials.

Maybe you have had the same experience. Maybe you were asked to present a character lesson at the opening or closing of an assembly program? Maybe you were given only five minutes at the end of the day to speak on character. Perhaps you want to teach character in the setting of a boys-and-girls’ club – and can give only five minutes to a lesson?

What do you do?


Character education lesson plans that follow the KISS formula are just what you need. When I say “KISS” I mean “Keep it Short, Sam.”

We’re developing a library of short object lessons that can be presented in only two to five minutes. Each lesson links a physical object and a character trait to captivate and hold listeners.

We’ve named these Character Trait “Object Lessons”.

Our Character Trait Object Lessons are usually not made available to everyone who visits our site, although those who subscribe to lifetime Preferred Membership have access to them all.

YOU get one free Character Trait Object Lesson for a limited time because we want you to try it.

By clicking on the downloadable, printable PDF below, you get a sample of what members get. Your sample is an exact copy of the latest in our Character Trait “Object Lessons”.

You could almost teach these without thinking – but you won’t want to do that.

Free Character Trait “Object Lessons” are being added regularly to the Preferred Membership site, so you’ll want to subscribe.


pdficonMoral Muscles


Even audiences that close their ears to lessons on character will be captivated by this short object lesson on moral muscles. Shows children and teenagers that moral muscles (character traits) must be exercised to keep character alive and well.

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