A Fruit Basket of Character

You are probably among the millions who will celebrate at least one holiday during the last eight weeks of the year. You will probably visit family and friends, exchanging gifts and gathering around a holiday table. You may attend a holiday party at your place of business. Fruit baskets will be prominent, and you yourself may contribute one to the festivities.

May I make a suggestion? Why not save money and take a fruit basket of character this year? I don’t mean a literal basket, of course. I mean your inner basket of solid character. You could contribute far more to the festivities with such a gift than with any material present. Just think about it. You could fill such a basket to overflowing since you have 66 character fruits from which to choose!

Start with a beautiful Conviction Basket woven of moral absolutes. Fill it with your favorites. Then fill it to overflowing, including the following, guaranteed to improve any get-together.

  1. Love: This is the most important character fruit to put in your basket. A gift of your love will do whatever is best for those you are visiting, regardless of personal sacrifice.
  2. Joy: Your realistic view of both the good and bad of the season will let you take firm action to show cheerfulness and resolutely maintain a quiet happiness in both good and bad circumstances.
  3. Peace: Recognizing the people and things with which you disagree, you will act to refuse their control over your attitude, consciously choosing to remain quiet and undisturbed.
  4. Patience: You may feel the pain of suffering, the emotional upheaval of adversity or anger as tensions mount, but that’s when this trait acts to take charge of those feelings and keep you under control.
  5. Kindness: Sneak a bite of this one before the party. You’ll recognize the needs of others, and then act to meet whatever needs you can, with no strings attached and no expectation of any kind of return.
  6. Gentleness: This fruit lets you help everyone by understanding how fairness and consideration work, and taking action to present an even, sweet manner to everyone regardless of personal rights and interests.
  7. Temperance: This fruit makes you recognize your personal desires, passions, and sensual appetites, and then acts to master not only the deeds involved, but also the very thoughts that lead to those deeds.

Tuck in a selection of other beautiful fruits around these seven. Our List of Character Traits will jog your memory. Join to that list our Character Trait Definitions to be sure you get exactly the fruit you need for the occasion.

Once you deliver your fruit basket of character, share it with everyone present. You and they will have a much better event, and a happier holiday.

Also, if you have young people in your life, help them understand the fruit basket of character by making their own, visible basket. I found an easy paper-fruit-basket craft that you might like. It harnesses children’s holiday enthusiasm in a profitable way. I am in no way endorsing the website that features that craft, but am providing this link simply for your convenience.http://www.firstpalette.com/Craft_themes/Food/Fruit_Basket/Fruit_Basket.html Search the Internet and you may find one you like better.

The goal is that you, your children, and those with whom you celebrate a specific holiday will enjoy a much better time this year as a result of your personal character building efforts.

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