Got Time for Free Character-Building Lessons?

I hope you do have time, because these free lesson plans for character building will fill your classroom with warmth, energy, and excitement.

Your students will love these lessons, whether in public, private, or home school. You will love the lessons because they save money for you or your school. You will love them because they make character building easy. They also save time for you to stop and smell the flowers!

You will make a difference in your students’ lives with these warm, exciting lessons. You will make your own life more peaceful with each behavior-changing lesson.

Introducing our FREE Character-Building Lesson Resource Center!

Imagine exciting lessons that give options – options that help you cater for the age group you have. Maybe you teach a class of wriggling, giggling 6-year-olds. Perhaps yours is a class of awkward, identity-seeking 12-year-olds. Then again, you may stand before a group of studious young adults. Whatever age it is, picture yourself meeting the students right where they are in life and challenging them to build real character.

Start right off with our newest lesson. Click here to get FAIRNESS – or check out one of the other great resource materials. You will find many other lessons, bulletin boards, posters, trading cards, etc. – and they are ALL FREE for you to download and use!

If you are serious about character building, but your budget doesn’t stretch very far, our FREE Character-Building Lesson Resource Center takes away all excuses!

Think about your single most challenging student. What would you give to have that student look forward to your character-building lessons? How much would it be worth to have that one defiant student become more compliant?

Would it be worth – nothing?

Of course not! It would be worth a pile of money if you had it. We know that not everyone has an inexhaustible supply of money, however. Teachers in home schools, private schools, and public schools all experience budget crunches.

That’s where our FREE Character-Building Lesson Resource Center helps. You won’t find everything you need, but you’ll find enough FREE materials that you will be better able to afford the rest of our high-quality Character Education materials.

Please let us know what you would like to find in the FREE Character-Building Lesson Resource Center. We can’t make everything free, but we will try to add to this collection supplies that will meet some of your needs!

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