IQ: What’s your integrity quotient?

IQ: What’s your integrity quotient?

Have you ever exaggerated on a job application?

Oh, you didn’t lie. You just sold your talents – implied an extra responsibility here – alluded to a possible qualification there – but never told a “real lie.”

It’s just that the title of “secretary” sounds so much less successful than, say, “administrative assistant to the president.” So why not enhance that job title? “Waiter” in the local diner will look so much more important if you call it “restaurant manager in charge of a team of five.”

They’re only white lies. Most of the time, you’re an honest person. You wouldn’t even do this, except that everybody else does it, employers expect it, and it’s the only way you’ll get hired.

The question is: did you exhibit integrity?

Honesty is involved, of course, and honesty is a part of integrity, but integrity goes beyond honesty.

Integrity is the ability to live life as a consistent, complete, whole person – a person with a simple oneness that unites all actions, at all times, to core moral principles. The key to remember is the number “1” that underlies these words.

Our word integrity comes from the Latin word integer, which literally means “untouched.” An untouched being has no part left out. It is whole – a complete entity.

A complete number is an integer. When components are integrated, they are brought into a unified whole – one. Integrity is simplicity, but a lack of integrity is duplicity – belying core principles with deceptive words or actions.

Perfect integrity is no more possible for us than is perfect intelligence, but each of us has an integrity quotient, just as we have an intelligence quotient.

What’s your integrity quotient?

What number could you use to express your apparent relative integrity – a number that is the ratio multiplied by 100 of your outer deeds to your innermost beliefs?

Integrity in a man or woman, boy or girl, causes that individual to be as honest on a job application as he or she is in a court of law, or at any other time, with any other person.

One is one is one is one is one. Integrity.

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