List of Character Traits

The list of character traits below contains sixty-six character traits that people of character exercise, all in an easy-to-use alphabetical table. A list of character traits is essential for effective character education lesson plans as well as creation of character education classroom activities. It is vital in personal character building as well.

Lists of character traits often differ one from another. Some lists of character traits contain as few as six different qualities while others have thirty or more. Our list of character traits, compiled through extensive research, contains sixty-six moral absolutes.

Scroll through the list to find what you need. Click here for character trait definitions.

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The 66 Character Traits



  1. grace October 5, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    This is so helpful!

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    Thank u this will help me greatly for my summer reading!!!

  3. Judy March 20, 2017 at 5:42 am

    Book club question led me here – “describe characteristics (character traits) of Hannah” – this helped me greatly in being able to share my answers and I plan to suggest to others to check this website – “you are never too old to learn” – in mid-seventies and mind has lots more room for expansion.

  4. James March 1, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Thx supr helpful

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    So so helpful. Thanks

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    This really helped me in my English 3 class, thanks!

  10. Kitty April 27, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    This really helped me! Thank you!

  11. Ryanne Young February 17, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    This really helped me because i had to look up some character traits for Ruby Dee for black history. Now I found some. Thanks!!!!!!

  12. Nabil Shamee January 11, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    I really love this it really helped!!!

  13. taylor williamson January 7, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    There are some traits that I believe should be listed that aren’t such as educated or knowledgeable, a few others too, but more or less this has helped me.

  14. jerrie forgeron September 29, 2014 at 5:28 am

    I am reading a book that asked, try this, write character traits you admire in others. Choose one a week write out definition and compare to concordance in bible,find two verses that relate to that trait. Focus on that trait for the week, noting how you measure up.This page gave me many traits to choose from, I will be busy… Thanks

  15. Sybil Moseley September 17, 2010 at 5:01 am

    It is interesting to note, there are 66 Books in the Bible and you have 66 character traits. Thank you for your list and your information. All of us need to stop spelling integrity with an “e” and character with a “k”. We all need to be honest persons, instead of living too much in situational ethics. For example, I would like to have given more specific details as to how you have helped me, but in this society increasingly everything we speak and or write may someday be taken out of context and used against us for someone else’s personal gain.

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