Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility

Downloadable eBook and Lesson Plan

Primary subject: Character Education

Grade Levels: K through 3

Note: It is vital that students be allowed, above all, to enjoy the book as an intriguing story. Removing the “study” element allows them to identify with the bears, and learn the meaning of responsibility in a non-threatening setting.

Objectives: Students will:

  • understand the meaning of responsibility
  • apply responsibility to daily life
  • enrich vocabulary

Context: Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility specifically addresses the need for character education material for elementary students. In addition, it improves listening and reading skills while providing vocabulary enrichment.

Resources: We recommend that you have a copy of Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility for each reading student, student worksheets and tests (both reproducible). Very young students will need only the appropriate worksheets and tests.

Anticipatory set: At least one week before introducing the book, display the word Responsibility in large letters someplace within your room. Before distributing or reading the book, ask students if they have heard the word responsibility. Invite students to tell what they think the word means. Do not judge answers at this point. Rather, make it easy for children to give input. For older students, skip the discussion and ask them to write a definition for the word responsibility. Do not grade their definitions at this point. This is only preliminary. Students are not expected to know the definition. Distribute the books and direct students to the definition on the back of the book. They will memorize this as they proceed through the book.

Procedure: Lightness is the key. Think “fun and effective.” Allow the students the joy of discovery as they read the book together or as they listen to the teacher read it. Help them see and understand the pertinent facts. A good way to hold attention in younger children is to pause periodically for a “What do you think will happen?” type of question. Do not tell if their answers are right or wrong — simply continue reading.

Worksheets: Use the worksheet for older students, assigning a few questions at a time or the entire sheet according to schedule. Younger students will benefit from the coloring page / writing practice page. Encourage students to color the bear the color of Cubby. You may want to display the picture charts for them to see the colors.

Supplementary: Discuss the book, either in sections or at the end. The teacher should read, and be familiar with the entire book before beginning. Refer to student worksheets and tests for appropriate discussion material.

Assessment: The downloadable student test for upper students assesses understanding of the word responsibility. Students will demonstrate their understanding through completion of the definition and comprehension questions. Students will show their grasp of new vocabulary also. Youngest students will enjoy the colored picture test, through which they will demonstrate understanding by circling correct answers as the teacher reads the directions to each row of pictures.

See the Character Education Activities section of your lesson plan for a variety of inter-disciplinary classroom or home activities to bolster understanding and interest.

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Downloadable eBook:
Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Downloadable Song:
The Responsibility Song – mp3
Lesson Plan For All Students
Lesson Plan Explanation for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Classroom Activities for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Bear Mask Craft for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Texture Bear Craft for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Lesson Plan For Younger Students
Bear Coloring / Writing Practice for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Responsibility Writing Practice for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Picture Test for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Picture Test Key for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Lesson Plan For Older Students
Worksheet for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Worksheet Key for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Written Test for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Written Test Key for Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility
Picture Charts: (set of 14 poster charts for display during reading and in review)
Cubby Bear Cover Photo
Bee on the dandelion
Bird in the blueberry bush
Frog in the river
Cubby climbing tree
Cubby falling from tree
Father Bear
Bear Leader
The bear singers
Cubby thinking on log
Cubby bouncing
Picnic lunch
26 Kuma
Supplemental Activities, Crafts,and Teaching Tools
Character Companions Awards, Badges, and Ornaments Craft
Character Companions Bookmark Craft
Character Companions Name Tag Craft
Character Companions Tree Craft
Character Companions Chain Craft
Character Companions Flower Pot Craft
Character Companions Photo Frame Craft
Character Companions Take-home Reminder Craft
Character Companions Party
Character Companions and Science
Character Companions Social Studies
Character Companions Mathematics
Responsibility teaching tool instruction sheet
“Help Wanted” sign
“Job Application”
Acceptance Letter
Goal ledger sheet