Responsibility Video – Character Companions Video #2

//Responsibility Video – Character Companions Video #2

Responsibility Video – Character Companions Video #2

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      Responsibility Video – #2 in the Character Companions® Video Series

You know from the first video in this series how much children love the Character Circus animations. Younger children eagerly accept information from Eddie and Whiffenpoof. Older children let down their defenses when the clown and his sidekick rabbit present character traits.

This compelling video makes an impact on them all with its introduction of responsibility.

You can use this video to launch a unit or a series of lessons on responsibility. You can inspire children with it – making them desire responsibility in their own lives. Inspire discussion, but be sure that discussion flows into assigned practical application of the character trait.

The Responsibility Video is useful, too, as review of previous lessons on this vital character trait. You may have covered this trait weeks or months ago. You don’t want to go back over the same material, but you can show the video to refresh their memories. Show it, too, any time you want to encourage greater responsibility.

Since Character-in-Action® videos are not intended as stand-alone teaching tools, please tie the video to a careful study of the trait. For 3-to-8-year-old children, use the Character Companions Series book, Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility. Our easy, downloadable lesson plans save you time and money with worksheets, activities, and tests…

For 3-12-year-old children, or a full month’s study on responsibility, add the Character-Trait-of-the-Month stand-alone lessons found in the Basic Level Membership Program.


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