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Back-to-School season can hit you unexpectedly – and it’s racing toward us fast in the northern hemisphere. Teachers are counting the remaining days on the calendar, and many have started getting ready for opening day.

Teachers with years of experience take back-to-school shopping in stride. However, a young teacher friend quipped on her way to the mall two days ago, “I am an adult. I have coffee. I can handle this.” We assume you are an adult, but let me assure you that you don’t need coffee to “handle this” – and you don’t need a trip to the mall either.

You can start your “Back-to-Character” shopping for the new school term with a single mouse click here and SAVE BIG right now! You can arm yourself with 240 enchanting, colorful stickers, sure to generate interest in character building, and all ABSOLUTELY FREE! Even the bargain $4 SH (shipping and handling) is less than our standard SH – and the total value of the stickers is $32! Click here to order your 240 FREE character stickers.

You can continue your “Back-to-Character” shopping with the same cart, and take only a few minutes to sign up for one of our very affordable Character-in-Action Membership Programs. Choose from 6 different programs, each one packed with ready-to-use lessons and teaching assistance.

The “Character-Trait-of-the-Month Membership” and “Christian Character-Trait-of-the-Month Membership” will let you hit the ground running. These two ever-popular, best-selling memberships supply everything you need to teach a new character trait every month – in four weekly lessons! Materials are completely downloadable, so you have neither SH nor delivery and you won’t have to wait on these.

You can SAVE BIG right now – beginning with a single mouse click here. You can get 240 stickers ABSOLUTELY FREE! In the same cart, you can place the Character Education Program that best suits your needs – and you’re out the door!

You’re ready to get Back to School and BACK to CHARACTER! Do it right now by clicking here … and please feel free to write to me if you have a special question or need. My contact information is below the photo.

We hope you will make this a happy and profitable school term for all concerned.

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