Attentiveness Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

As spring arrives in Montana, the elk – as well as mule deer, white tail deer, and moose – all begin to leave the river valleys where we have watched them winter, making their way to summer homes high in the Bitterroot Mountains, developing velvet as their antlers grow. These […]

The Attentiveness Advantage!

Good at work and good at home. T. Faulhaberm, Editor of Business Forum Online, advises that one get a competitive edge by practicing what he calls AA! …The Attentiveness Advantage! The basis for his belief? Our common desire that others be attentive to our needs. He urges business leaders to […]

Andy and Abby’s Attentiveness

A short, short story for the young. Andy and Abby liked to play together, but they did not like to listen. Everyday, they played together – and together they did not listen. Together they did not listen to Mother or Father. Together they did not listen to Teacher. They did […]

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