Is It a Duck?

The duck test, attributed to James Whitcomb Riley, says: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” When testing for reality in a person, it is good to see if he or […]

What Music Says about Your Character

Most of us know that our words speak volumes about us. Rough, foul language uncovers inner weakness of character. Quiet, controlled, clean language reveals inner strength of character. In whatever language we speak, our words tell listeners what kind of people we are. They make known our strength of […]

Mocking Character Out of Existence

Have you ever noticed that when society becomes uncomfortable with something, they mock it out of existence? They laugh at it until those who respect it are ashamed to speak about it in public. For example, just this morning I heard a TV personality tell a man, “You’re too pure […]

Character Can Be Legislated – and Is

Character can be legislated, and is in most civilized societies, despite the widespread belief that “you can’t legislate character”. Some readers will be quick to scoff, “Well sure, a theocracy can legislate character.” Yes, it can, and I believe non-theocratic governments also can, and do, legislate a degree of character. […]

Character in the Home

On the wall of our front entry, just inside the front door, hangs an old plaque. It’s a small plaque – not more than ten inches in width and perhaps eight inches in height. It’s cracked down the back, but the crack doesn’t extend to the front, so that doesn’t […]

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