Is It a Duck?

The duck test, attributed to James Whitcomb Riley, says: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” When testing for reality in a person, it is good to see if he or […]

Responsibility Can Reduce Stress!

Responsibility is a great stress reliever for parents, teachers, and employers among others. Responsibility is that character trait in children, teens, and adults that makes them do every job to the best of their ability, even when nobody is around to notice. Character building in children shapes the heart of […]

Character Traits Make a Whopping Difference!

Character traits – what are they? Simply put, character traits are the qualities that show an individual to be a person of high moral values. They are the distinguishing marks that tell us whether a person has character, i.e. high moral values. Character traits are the basis for family values […]

Character Education Lesson Plans Must Sell – Part 1 of 3

Character education lesson plans have a purpose, and that purpose is to sell high moral values to young people in a way that they find irresistible. Such selling is not automatic, of course. Character education lesson plans lying on a desk or standing on a shelf do no selling on […]

Character Education Lesson Plans Must Sell – Part 2 of 3

Character education lesson plans must be structured as top-notch, effective sales campaigns to make moral gemstones irresistible to young people. In Part One of this article, we considered three ineffective types of character education lesson plans: lectures, discussions, and role-playing. As we continue our examination of character education lesson plans, […]

Character Education Bulletin Boards Enrich Lesson Plans

Character education bulletin boards can enrich your character education lesson plans from day one by creating curiosity, anticipation, and suspense. You can build character education bulletin boards entirely, of course, but if you build them gradually over the whole time you are working on a unit, character education bulletin boards […]

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