Firing Tips for Character-Centered Leaders

Firing tips for character-centered leaders are an important part of a strong organization’s fabric, the substance of good employee relations. Firing tips help you handle this critical process properly. Employees show limited interest in newcomers, and your hiring process does little to affect relationships within the organization. That does not […]

Character-Centered Leadership in Business

Character-centered leadership in business is absolutely essential for those who want business success. It is a priority of vital importance! Let me be clear before we go on. I am not referring to the business coaching model known as Values-centered Leadership. Nor am I in any way endorsing that program. […]

Responsibility in Business

Some call it social responsibility. It is the duty and obligation of a business to everyone who stands to gain through that business. In other words, every business, large or small, has a responsibility toward every person involved with that business. If you are a business owner, as I […]

Character Building in Business is Vital to Success

Character building in business is vital to success, no matter what enterprise it is. That is a general rule of our universe, but a rule that the business world often neglects or shuns. Many otherwise well informed business people choose to believe that character does not matter. Character building in […]

Character Counts in Business

Character counts in business, but how many employers ever give that a thought? Some, we are sure, understand that character is essential in the corporate world. You and I have met men and women who believe that character in business is critical. Others, however, are quick to deny that […]

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