The Best-laid Plans … Call for Commitment!

Welcome to a new year. If you’re making difficult New Year’s resolutions this year, take heart: people have been struggling with them since early Babylonians started the tradition about 4000 years ago. Their most popular resolution seems to have been to return borrowed farm equipment. Knowing what happens to best-laid […]

The Commitment Factor Applies to Marriage, Too

He’s afraid of commitment. Maybe she is, too. Commitment in marriage, that is. More and more, our society sees a fear of commitment when it comes to marriage. Both men and women are afraid of tying themselves to another person for life. They are afraid to leave the single life […]

Whole School – Whole Family

Commitment requires everyone’s work. A key factor in the success of family units, schools, and other groups is commitment to certain beliefs and goals – a commitment that encompasses every member. Let’s say that you have family New Year’s resolutions (not a bad idea). Hopefully, those resolutions are shared goals, […]

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