How Can You Learn Character from a Shopping Cart?

Leaving a building a few days ago, I hurried across the lobby to a small foyer. There I stopped abruptly, my way blocked by a stranded shopping cart. The industrial strength commercial cart nearly filled the exit area. No one could enter or leave the building without manhandling that brown, […]

Character with Fireworks – Part 2

The other day, I wrote about thriftiness in regard to consumer fireworks. Thrifty or not, many will buy fireworks in the next few days, and that brings me to a second point. Character with fireworks calls for consideration – the ninth quality on our list of character traits. Adults […]

Practical Ways to Exercise Consideration

Young people around you are watching your actions more than listening to your words. If you want them to learn consideration, you will need to practice it yourself in visible ways. Here are some ideas. 1.    If you are a teacher, practice showing consideration to students. A multiple-choice test […]

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