Teaching Tips – 10 Things Teachers Do to Be Successful

Ten things teachers do to be successful often remain hidden to both teacher and observer. They do not impress onlookers in the classroom, and teachers do not intend to impress with them. Actually, those teachers who perform these 10 things seldom think of them as “10 things teachers do to […]

Student Creativity Project

Give ANY AGE students opportunity to learn basic creativity. Provide an array of materials for your creators. Include the usual paper, crayons, paste, and scissors, but add unusual materials that are seldom found in craft stores. •    Survey a grocery store for things such as dried pasta shapes, plain […]

Family Creativity Endeavor

…also offers benefits to schools, groups, scout troops, etc. Creativity is not limited to making things with our hands, and this project can go a long way toward building strong creativity. Gather your family or group members and announce that you are going to do something very creative. Brainstorm […]

Creativity for Results in Character Education

Creativity discovers ways you can get results in character education or character building. Our staff makes a habit of looking for ways to help you build character. We look for ways to help educators present character education, but above all, we look for ways to help you get results […]

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