Teaching Tips – 10 Things Teachers Do to Be Successful

Ten things teachers do to be successful often remain hidden to both teacher and observer. They do not impress onlookers in the classroom, and teachers do not intend to impress with them. Actually, those teachers who perform these 10 things seldom think of them as “10 things teachers do to […]

Character Building in Business is Vital to Success

Character building in business is vital to success, no matter what enterprise it is. That is a general rule of our universe, but a rule that the business world often neglects or shuns. Many otherwise well informed business people choose to believe that character does not matter. Character building in […]

Back to School with Diligence…

… and back to character education. Public schools, private schools, home schools – it’s nearly time for students across the U.S.A. to go back to school, and apply themselves with diligence – time for parents and teachers to apply diligence, too, especially to the building of character in those […]

Diligence Contributes to Success

Remember your well-deserved job promotion, that completed project, victory over a difficult musical composition, the end of your successful diet? How much did diligence contribute? Few things are possible without a measure of diligence. Yet many of us think of diligence as the enemy of all that is good. “All […]

Character Building for Every Age!

Character building is, say some, only for children from Kindergarten to age ten. After that, they claim, character building and formal character education are unnecessary. Really? If character building is not necessary after your tenth birthday, why do business people engage in back stabbing and dishonest business practices? Why do […]

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