Fairness Doesn’t Always Seem Fair

Fairness is a character trait. Character education teachers teach fairness. Parents teach fairness. Many religious leaders and club leaders teach fairness, but did you know that fairness is often misunderstood? Children yell, “That isn’t fair!” Teens sound off about unfairness, too, but do young people really understand fairness? Give […]

Fairness Never Takes Advantage of Others

Fairness is still on my mind today, as I just completed a 5-page article for parents and teachers who want to help young people build fairness into their lives. Fairness is the character trait of the month on our premium membership site and it is there that I posted my […]

Fairness and Immigration

Fairness is claimed by many to be one of the pillars of character that upholds our civilization. It is a vital part of our interaction with one another. It should be taught in our schools and practiced throughout our nation. All right. I’ll agree with that. So how does it […]

Fairness Must Be Required of Leaders

I’ve written before about our leaders and their culture of corruption – and now that culture is embracing a lack of fairness. This month, one of our leaders is singled out by his club, the United States Congress, as being above fairness. He apparently will be permitted corruption and criminal […]

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