That’s Not Fair… from a Child’s Viewpoint.

“Fair” and “unfair” are easy words to learn. Most of us learned them by age three, and were ready to tell adults vehemently, “That’s not fair!” We were quick to sense unfairness and easily hurt by injustice, inequality, and partiality. Most children are. 1.    You told […]

That’s Not Fair… from an Adult’s Viewpoint.

A well-known story describes a vineyard owner, who hired workers one morning, agreeing to a stated wage for a full day of work. A few hours later, he found additional workers and hired them, saying that he would pay them “what is right.” He went out twice more during the […]

Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!

Craig stared at Teacher’s beautiful new green car. If only his fingers could run across the shiny car. But Teacher had said, “Don’t touch the car while I’m inside with your mother.” So Craig, hands in his pockets, just stared. “Hey Craig. Whose car is that?” Janie, Mike, and David […]

Lesson on Bullying

Bullying exists in every realm of society, at every age. It may present itself under different names, but it is basically the same problem. Bullying is, at its core, self-interest that will do anything to please self. It is grossly unfair to others, often dishonest, prejudiced, and unwilling to play […]

Character Building for the Whole Family!

Character building – what is it? Will your family accept it? You’ve seen the TV commercials. “Talk to your kids,” they urge. They show boys going for a walk with Dad to discuss character traits; girls sitting down with Mom for a family values chat. Would your children and teens […]

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