Teaching Kindness to Overcome Intolerance and Violence

Teaching kindness is an important requirement of character education and, therefore, vital to peace education. Those who want peace need to overcome intolerance and violence. Those who teach peace must teach character traits that will produce tolerance and non-violence. Kindness is one of those character traits.


How can teaching […]

Character-in-Action Wears Shoes of Kindness

I just read a true story that is an excellent example of kindness being exercised. I’ll change the names, and let you see what I mean.

The story involves two individuals in a small town – the kind of town where everybody knows everybody else – a town with a […]

Character Involves Kindness

Suppose you want to exercise kindness toward a woman who is a cancer survivor, but you don’t know what to do? Imagine that your employer’s wife is a burn victim, and you’re brainstorming to create a truly great act of kindness for her.

Most of us would be limited to […]

Kindness – Exercised by the Strongest

Washington, D.C., May 10, 1975.

A police officer stops cars on the city streets, telling drivers, “Roll up your windows and lock your doors. It’s Human Kindness Day.”


Why would 125,000 people, gathered to celebrate kindness, trigger such caution?

Reports say that there were sporadic assaults throughout the […]

Kindness Week

Kindness Week in North America falls in February each year. International Friendship Week follows.

You might want to use these two weeks, back-to-back, to highlight this character trait: kindness.

Why not plan a kindness party? Invite a few people to whom you want to show kindness in a special […]

Give Teens Kindness

Random acts of Kindness

1.    If your daughter’s going away for a few days, tell her you got a bodyguard, and hand her a small teddy bear.

2.    Lead, don’t follow teens.

3.    Listen to them.

4.    Be proactive with rules.

5.    Buy the domain name of your teen’s name, […]

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