List of Character Traits

The list of character traits below contains sixty-six character traits that people of character exercise, all in an easy-to-use alphabetical table. A list of character traits is essential for effective character education lesson plans as well as creation of character education classroom activities. It is vital in personal character building […]

A Fruit Basket of Character

You are probably among the millions who will celebrate at least one holiday during the last eight weeks of the year. You will probably visit family and friends, exchanging gifts and gathering around a holiday table. You may attend a holiday party at your place of business. Fruit baskets will […]

If Character is Relative

Once again, I have been reminded of the current view that Character is relative. Children should not, many say, be taught character in a way that makes them believe moral absolutes exist. They should be given a possible meaning of each character trait, and allowed to work out their own […]

Character Counts – To Me

From October 16 to 22, 2005, the United States will once again commemorate National Character Counts Week. People across the country, especially schools, will recognize and set aside this week for special emphasis on character building. That is, some – not all – will recognize it. Some – not […]

What Would Make YOURS an Ideal School?

We relocated recently to Hoodsport, Washington. Hoodsport is a beautiful spot, but if you were moving a family here, some things might be more important to you than Hoodsport’s beauty. You would probably ask: “Are the schools good?” What would you mean by “good”? What do you think makes an […]

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