Optimism & Joy – Important Factors in Productivity

Congratulations to Nuzwerk, an IT company in Leipzig, Germany! They decided to officially demand at least two qualities from the list of character traits. Their new policy requires every employee to sign a contract agreeing to be optimistic and joyful all day at work. They call it remaining in “a […]

Here’s to a New Year of Character

It’s here. The year 2006. I have mixed feelings about the brand new year that just toddled forth onto history’s stage. What will it bring? What joys? What sorrows? Through pessimistic glasses (I keep a pair in my drawer, don’t you?), the new year seems to promise more war, both […]

Character Education Should Include Optimism

I never heard of John S. A. Edwards until recently. Little wonder about that. Mr. Edwards is involved in a business much different from Character-in-Action, where I spend my days. John Edwards is Sutcliffe Professor of Catering Management and Director of the Worshipful Company of Cooks Centre for Culinary Research […]

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