Perseverance – Not Just for Ants, Rams, and Snails

Perseverance is a character trait – a character trait of ants, rams, and snails? Did you ever watch an ant carry a large cookie crumb to some far away nest? Maybe you commented on the ant’s heavy load, but did you think about her perseverance? Did you ever see a […]

Perseverance unto Death

They married on October 25, 1928. He was twenty-one years old, going on twenty-two. She was nineteen. He was a fun-loving, adventurous, hard-working, and frugal young man. She was a hard-working, frugal young woman who had little time for adventure. As for fun, she often warned, “Never laugh before breakfast!” […]

Using a Letter-Number Grading System

Perseverance is vital in academic work, and the young people with whom you work need to know that. Parents need to impress upon children and teenagers the need to keep at homework, and never quit until it is completed. Teachers should promote perseverance in mastery of each area of learning. […]

Pinky Promise Perseverance

Have you ever heard of a pinky promise – sometimes called a pinky swear? You probably have, if you have worked around young children. A person makes a pinky promise by wrapping one pinky finger around another person’s pinky and making a promise. Traditionally, that promise is considered binding. If […]

Genius or Perseverance?

Which accomplishes greater works, genius or perseverance? Isaac Newton had an unquestionably great mind. He invented infinitesimal calculus, created a new theory of light and color, and transformed physical science with three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation. Were these accomplishments a matter of genius or […]

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