Honesty in Government

Mr. Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate, released an ad this week in which he says that government needs honesty. Well – not quite. Mr. Obama said the country needs honesty when it comes to talking about Social Security. Honesty, claims Mr. Obama, is the only way to fix the system. […]

Character in Presidential Campaigns

“Character doesn’t matter,” a previous U.S. presidential candidate quipped nearly 20 years ago. It seems his words were taken to heart. As the world listens to and watches current campaigns, a number of candidates are showing that they believe his statement. The economy matters. The immigration issue matters (though not […]

Is Character Lacking in Political Figures?

Let me begin by saying that this is not intended as an analysis of every political figure. Just as each one has distinctive physical features, so each has distinctive moral features. The question is this: Do the majority of our political figures model moral excellence or something less? Governor Spitzer […]

Character Counts in Confirmation Hearings

Our President nominated a new judge to take a seat on the Supreme Court – highest court in our land. The nomination of Judge Alito met with immediate, polarizing cries: “Too radical!” “Terrific nominee!” The media proclaimed: “Political fight expected!” Is this what our founding fathers foresaw when they established […]

Character in Action Includes Cooperation

The nomination of a new judge, which I discussed yesterday will be in the news for many weeks, and while I don’t intend to follow every twisted thread of the story, I was caused to run through the list of character traits as suggested yesterday, and consider how awesome it […]

Good Character Impacts Political Correctness

Consider this: How does the exercise of good character impact political correctness? It does, of course. Good character impacts every decision we make during any given day – and it definitely impinges on the territory of political correctness. There’s an example in today’s news that, although it comes from the […]

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