Teaching Tips – 10 Things Teachers Do to Be Successful

Ten things teachers do to be successful often remain hidden to both teacher and observer. They do not impress onlookers in the classroom, and teachers do not intend to impress with them. Actually, those teachers who perform these 10 things seldom think of them as “10 things teachers do to […]

Punctuality Tips and Strategies

Punctuality tips and strategies can increase the ease and speed with which we build this important character trait. Most adults understand the basic meaning of punctuality. We know that punctual people meet obligations or complete necessary tasks before a previously named time. Punctuality involves more than that, however, and only […]

Quotes on “Punctuality”

Punctuality … begins by understanding every deadline I may have for appointments, tasks, etc., and then acts to order life in a manner that allows me to meet those deadlines. (promptness) “Strict punctuality is perhaps the cheapest virtue which can give force to an otherwise utterly insignificant character.”   John […]

Free Character Education Lesson Plans with Objects!

Free character education lesson plans and, in fact, any other kind of lesson plan are not always suited to your needs. They do not always fit the environment in which you need to teach character. They do not always fit the time slot you have open for character building. When […]

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