Fired for Gossip in New Hampshire

If you believe your company or organization exhibits character, stop and think about this. Recent news accounts tell of four women who were fired for gossiping in a city government office. They lost their jobs because they chose to gossip about the boss and his decision to hire a […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Self-Control

Character education attacks bullying – and character educators know that they can make an enormous difference by attacking bullying with character. They don’t tell the students that. They simply teach character with every ounce of strength they have, and let the character building effort attack bullying.

Character education attacks bullying […]

Lesson on Bullying

Bullying exists in every realm of society, at every age. It may present itself under different names, but it is basically the same problem.

Bullying is, at its core, self-interest that will do anything to please self.

It is grossly unfair to others, often dishonest, prejudiced, and unwilling to play […]

Whose Slave Am I?

I am a slave.

I’ll explain in a minute, but first I hope you will agree that the life of a slave is not necessarily bad. There have been slaves in our world for millennia. Many of them, when offered freedom, chose to remain slaves because their lives were wonderful. […]

YOU Be the Judge

As we focus on the character trait we call self-control, let me challenge you to be the judge in the following real-life cases. Simply determine whether the individuals described are or are not exercising self-control. Then check your answers with those given on page 4.

1.    The driver of […]

Social-Control or Self-Control

It’s interesting to consider how today’s society thinks when it comes to character.

We are frequently amazed at the way people rearrange their “attic furniture” to avoid stumbling over high moral values. They don’t dust the furniture. They don’t repair it. They simply move it out of the […]

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