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What’s Self-Discipline Have to do with Spring?

What do you think self-discipline might have to do with spring? Can you define self-discipline? Would you consider it a trait of character?

Self-discipline is indeed a trait of character. It is defined as the ability to control one’s own conduct by principles and good judgment instead of acting on […]

  • Punctuality

Punctuality Tips and Strategies

Punctuality tips and strategies can increase the ease and speed with which we build this important character trait. Most adults understand the basic meaning of punctuality. We know that punctual people meet obligations or complete necessary tasks before a previously named time.

Punctuality involves more than that, however, and only […]

  • Christian Character Traits

Christian Character Traits – a Source of Blessing

Christian character traits are a source of great blessing to those who build and exercise them consistently. Such traits make our lives more peaceful, and that itself brings us deep happiness. There is more, however, to the happiness produced by Christian character traits.

Think about it with me for a […]

  • Gossip

Fired for Gossip in New Hampshire

If you believe your company or organization exhibits character, stop and think about this. Recent news accounts tell of four women who were fired for gossiping in a city government office. They lost their jobs because they chose to gossip about the boss and his decision to hire a […]

  • Self-Control Overcomes Bullying

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Self-Control

Character education attacks bullying – and character educators know that they can make an enormous difference by attacking bullying with character. They don’t tell the students that. They simply teach character with every ounce of strength they have, and let the character building effort attack bullying.

Character education attacks bullying […]

  • Bullying

Lesson on Bullying

Bullying exists in every realm of society, at every age. It may present itself under different names, but it is basically the same problem.

Bullying is, at its core, self-interest that will do anything to please self.

It is grossly unfair to others, often dishonest, prejudiced, and unwilling to play […]

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