You Can’t Run The Country If….

An American President learns self-control. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson, 6’3” tall and overweight at 210 pounds, stood before his wife and listened as she said bluntly, “Lyndon, you can’t run the country if you can’t run yourself.” The President took her words to heart, exercised self-control over his […]

Hang onto the Strings!

Be sure that “self” dances to the music of restraint. Our children received a gift once of two very large marionettes. They were complex marionettes, with a number of strings controlling each limb, shoulders, and head. Even the governing handle had more than the minimal two crossed bars. The gift […]

No Forwarding Address

“Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.” Lane Olinghouse …but those who practice self-control flee temptation and leave no forwarding address. If temptation were a collection agent pursuing us for bad debts, a majority of us would be tracked easily. Only the minority with true self-control would flee, […]

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