• Sincerity

Sincerity Craft

Most children above two years of age will be able to complete this craft with very little help from you. In fact, its meaning is clearer if they do not have help! Tell your children that they are going to make sincerity masks – masks that show feelings. Talk a […]

  • facade01

The Transparency of Sincerity

Do you know people who shield their lives with façades – false, superficial, or artificial appearances? They pretend by their dress, actions, and words that they are better than they are. They wear a disguise of sorts, a veneer that covers the real person. They lack sincerity. They lack […]

  • sinceritymeter01

Sincerity Meter

How high do you push the meter? Give yourself 5 points for every statement you can honestly speak. Give yourself no points if you must admit that it is not entirely true of you. Then see how high you have pushed the sincerity meter. The meter goes up to 100! […]

  • sincere02

Without Wax!

Have you ever researched the origins of the word sincerity? As many of our English words do, this word comes from the Latin language. Two Latin words were joined to form sincerity: •    sine = without •    cere = wax Surprising, isn’t it? What could wax possibly have to […]

  • Sincerity

Sincerity for Samuel and Samantha

One bright September day, Samuel and Samantha ran home from school early. “We’re going to make gifts for Grams and Gramps for Grandparents’ Day,” said Samuel. He threw his red jacket on a chair and reached for a big chocolate chip cookie. “To show our sincere love,” added Samantha, hanging […]

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